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2 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. C Bierbauer says:

    Next time you are in HK, you might look up ’08 broadcast alumna Sarah Chakales at CNN.

  2. Julie says:

    Hey Christina!

    I just wanted to say thank you for keeping such a fantastic blog for this past year! I have been following it religiously in hopes of getting a glimpse of life in Korea for my next year. I have been able to relate extensively to the things you are said on your blog, and I can not thank you enough for writing it all down! In a month, I am headed to start my ETA experience in Korea. I am so excited!

    After reading your blog for a little while, I suddenly put and two and two together to realize you were from South Carolina. I just spent the past 4 years of college there, and am going to miss it like crazy! (Garnet never looked good on me so I wore orange and purple.)

    Again, thank you so much for this fantastic blog and good luck on your final month in Korea!

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