Ode to a Good Monday

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November 19, 2012 by travelinggrits

I pried myself from bed after only hitting the snooze twice
My favorite sweater was freshly washed, so why not wear it?
My voice was a deep rumble with a side of clogged nose, but I felt great
In my first grade class, I finished all the speaking tests with time to spare
My second grade class participated in my lesson on Thanksgiving with rapt attention
Several boys even stayed after class to watch the end of the optional video
On impulse, I shot some hoops with the students during lunchtime
My layups were terrible, but my students still gave me high-fives
I reprimanded one afternoon class, but we had laughed the incident off by the bell’s chime
I hustled to the bus stop and caught a ride to the train station with time to spare
A well-heated train car, a good book and a window seat made for a pleasant trip
Long after we had shut the textbook, my tutoring student and I shared relaxed conversation
I scrawled reflections on our discussion in my journal on the return home
The bus driver breezed past my usual stop, but the walk from the next was refreshing
I smuggled a treat up to my room for a midnight snack–yogurt mixed with a small baggie of favorite cereal, a prize from home that had arrived intact the week before
My favorite American TV show delivered some late-night chuckles to an audience of one, snuggled in bed in a darkened room

Days don’t have to be perfect to be remembered that way–


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