Monthly Archives: September 2012

  1. Initiation Through Celebration

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    September 30, 2012 by travelinggrits

    Today marks Korea’s largest holiday, Chuseok. On this Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving, families return to their hometowns, participate in rites …
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  2. Rhythm


    September 24, 2012 by travelinggrits

    As the weeks pass, I’ve fallen into a rhythm. Life has become a steady cycle of work, exercise, evenings spent …
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  3. A Fine Line

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    September 14, 2012 by travelinggrits

    This post reflects on my experience at the DMZ on August 17, 2012. The sky was dreary, and a few …
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  4. Game On

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    September 12, 2012 by travelinggrits

    I still receive the occasional look of surprise when I pass students in the hallway, but today I received more …
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  5. Glorified Plagiarism


    September 11, 2012 by travelinggrits

    Newsletter articles, fliers, website content, media kits, the ubiquitous press release—my undergraduate career prepared me to be a jack-of-all trades …
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  6. Edelweiss


    September 2, 2012 by travelinggrits

    Add this to my list of clarinet gigs: playing a number at the opening ceremony of a weekend adult flute …
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